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Help through self-help

Self-help organization of patients after pancreas surgery

The self-help organization of patients after pancreas operations, the AdP (Arbeitskreis der Pankreatektomierten e. V.), helps with many disease-related or personal problems. Here, patients are active on their own in dealing with their postoperative problems. Contact points distributed throughout Germany offer the opportunity to establish contact with other affected persons, often close to home.

The AdP was founded in Heidelberg in 1976 by pancreas surgery patients and physicians under the motto "help through self-help". Patients affected at that time joined together as a result of previous pancreas operations. Through its many years of activity, the AdP gives affected patients the opportunity to gain more knowledge about the problems and their treatment before and after pancreas surgery. The AdP is primarily supported by the Scientific Advisory Board, in which physicians, psychotherapists, dieticians and social experts work together and contribute their knowledge and experience for the benefit of the patients.

Patients and their relatives receive further help through regular nationwide information meetings, where there is an opportunity to learn about all pancreatectomy issues, including coping with life, in presentations, discussions and individual consultations, and to exchange experiences with those of the same age.

Regional AdP contact points have been set up locally to provide support for those affected and to promote the personal exchange of experiences.


Self-help for the Heidelberg-Mannheim Metropolitan Region

Contact persons

Hans Berg - Regional Management
Giessener Str. 15
64646 Heppenheim
Tel.: +49 6252 796-890

Fax: +49 6252 796 891



Working group of pancreatectomy patients

AdP e.V. - Pancreas patients

House of Cancer Self-Help
Thomas-Mann-Str. 40
53111 Bonn

Phone: +49 228 33889-251
Phone: +49 228 33889-252

Fax: +49 228 33889 253