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What you need for admission to the clinic


- Referral or referral from your primary care physician or specialist

- Insurance card from your health insurance company

- Insurance card or declaration of cost coverage from private health insurance company

- Identity card or passport

- Findings, X-rays or doctor's letters from previous hospital stays

Organization and coordination of all appointments and examinations

The Central Patient Management (ZPM) is the first point of contact at Heidelberg Surgical Hospital during an inpatient stay. A physician, qualified nursing staff and a secretary coordinate all admission appointments, all examinations and surgery appointments here. Discharge after completion of treatment and any post-inpatient care are also organized here.
The ZPM staff check the patient's records for completeness in advance to avoid diagnostic gaps or duplicate examinations. In this way, preoperative processes are standardized and the available resources (OR, intensive care, IMC and bed capacity) can be optimally utilized.

Silke Auer, BBA
Specialist nurse for oncology
Head of Central Patient Management

Admission date

We inform the patient and the family doctor in writing of the planned admission date. Comprehensive information about the procedure and the expected length of stay in our clinic is also provided. As a rule, it is necessary to be at the Surgical Clinic 24 hours before the operation. The day before the inpatient admission, we call the patient, inform him/her of the appropriate ward and remind him/her of special features such as examinations and medications

Registration is done either through the individual outpatient clinics or consultations, directly through the general practitioner or through other clinics. Based on the patient's documents and all examination results, ZPM proposes an operation date. In doing so, it takes into account the urgency and clarifies the available bed and surgery capacities.

Admission day

On the day of admission, we ask the patient to first report to the information desk at the main entrance. Our staff will be happy to help with luggage and are available to provide further information. From there, the patient is directed to the inpatient registration desk, to the individual consultation sessions and to the respective ward. Of course, relatives can be present during all consultations.

Care after hospitalization

The ZPM team networks all post-discharge care facilities of the Surgical Clinic. On the day of admission, we already provide advice on our post-discharge care options. The clinic social service organizes follow-up treatment, rehabilitation, the assumption of costs by health insurance companies and pension insurance providers, and socio-legal advice. The ZPM team takes over the nursing discharge planning with the organization of outpatient nursing services, bridge care, stoma therapy and other nursing aids in consultation with the patient, the relatives and the nursing staff and doctors of the ward.