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My stay at Heidelberg Surgery

The inpatient stay with us

Inpatient surgical treatment interrupts your usual daily routine, Preparing for your stay in our clinic is crucial for a smooth procedure. Here is some information to help you prepare. Find out about your insurance coverage and any financial obligations you have. Contact your insurance company to clarify any doubts you may have regarding coverage for the surgical procedure, hospital stay and associated costs.

You will likely receive instructions from the clinic or hospital regarding the preparation process. This may include filling out paperwork, taking your medical history, having tests or exams done before surgery, and discussing any concerns or questions with your medical team. Tell your medical team about any medications you are currently taking, including over-the-counter medications, herbal supplements or vitamins. Disclose any known allergies or adverse reactions to medications or anesthetics. Inquire about any dietary restrictions or fasting requirements prior to surgery. Your medical team will give you specific instructions on eating and drinking before the procedure to ensure your safety.

Pack essentials such as comfortable clothing, toiletries, medications (if needed), personal documents, and any items recommended by the clinic or your healthcare provider. Also take things that will make your stay more comfortable, such as books or music. Consult with your family, friends or caregivers to make sure you have support during your hospital stay and after discharge. They can help you with tasks such as transportation, communication, or recovery at home. Plan your transportation to and from the hospital in advance. If you live far away or have an early surgery date, you may need to find overnight accommodations near the clinic. Ask if the clinic can help you find nearby lodging or make recommendations.

What you should have with you:

All medications that you take regularly to coordinate further therapy and to avoid complications

Papers such as allergy passport, medication card, vaccination card, etc.

Little luggage:
Pack only the most important things such as toiletries, towels, nightwear, bathrobe, tracksuit, slippers and personal items such as glasses, walking stick, hearing aid, reading, stationery, some money for phone cards, stamps and magazines

What do I do with valuables?

Please leave larger amounts of money, jewelry and other valuables at home. In exceptional cases, you can leave money or valuables with the administration or deposit them in a locker. The clinic assumes no liability in the event of loss.